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Fulwood Old Chapel - a unitarian meeting place

8a Whiteley Lane, Fulwood, Sheffield S10 4GL

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Fulwood Old Chapel                  


- a unitarian meeting place -

Fulwood Old Chapel                  

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You may be divorced, of mixed faiths or of no particular faith. You may not be churchgoers, or even religious in the conventional sense but feel a civil ceremony is too impersonal. Whoever  you are you can be married at Fulwood Old Chapel.


The most important requirement for us is that you are truly committed to each other.


Of course, you must discuss and satisfy all legal requirements with the Registrar first but then, because there is no set liturgy or format to a Unitarian wedding, the Minister or lay person will, with your help, create a ceremony which best reflects your feelings, beliefs, hopes and wishes and, most of all, your loving commitment to each other.





Unfortunately, Fulwood Old Chapel, at this time, can not  be used for a ceremony to marry couples of the same sex but we are happy to conduct a blessing either as a complement to a civil union or simply as a way to celebrate the couple's relationship.


Weddings - Who can get married at Fulwood Old Chapel?

Finding out more



If you would like to know more please contact:


Rev. David Shaw

tel: 07881 967 066


Janet Rowson

tel: 0114 2365894


who will be pleased to answer any questions you may have.


You will then be asked to contact the registrar and discuss a date(s) & time(s). It is the registrar who will discuss with you the legal requirements.



Fees and Payment


The overall cost includes the services of the Minister (initial interview, the service and sometimes a rehearsal; other agreed costs incurred  being additional) and the use of the Chapel. An organist can be made available and the Deeley Room may be used for the reception if required. The registrar’s fees are additional and paid direct. (Fees on application.) A cheque for the deposit (payable to Fulwood Old Chapel) should be sent to the Bookings Secretary and the balance due to the Chapel should be sent to arrive at least two weeks before the wedding date.


Our function Room may be used as a reception area if required and the park across the road makes an ideal spot for photo shoots.


Mixed Faiths   -  No Faiths

Same Sex Unions


We believe that all couples truly devoted should have the right to fulfill their vows to each other and with no religious restrictions, we are happy to perform services tailored to suit the individuals.

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