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Fulwood Old Chapel - a unitarian meeting place

8a Whiteley Lane, Fulwood, Sheffield S10 4GL          [email protected]

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Fulwood Old Chapel                  


- a unitarian meeting place -

Fulwood Old Chapel                  

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Our Philosophy

The Unitarians are a community of people who take their religion, or their spirituality, liberally. That is to say, we hold that all people have the right to believe what their own life-experience tells them is true; what the prompting of their own conscience tells them is right. We say that each person's spiritual or intuitive experience deserves respect; that everyone's deep reflection and reasoning on religious and ethical questions should be taken seriously.


Unitarians form a movement that tries to put these affirmations into practice. Our local religious communities offer a setting where people can worship, explore, and share faith together in an atmosphere of freedom and mutual respect.


Please Note: Unitarians share the first three letters of their name with some other religious groups and denominations. This sometimes causes confusion. Just to clarify matters, Unitarians have nothing whatsoever to do with the Unification Church and, with one exception, are quite distinct from any other religious organisation whose name begins with Uni.... The exception is the Universalist tradition, found mainly in the United States.


Text taken for 'Unitarian? What's That?' by Rev. Cliff Reed. For full text click here.


For more information about the UK Unitarian movement please go to:

Who are Unitarians?