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Fulwood Old Chapel - a unitarian meeting place

8a Whiteley Lane, Fulwood, Sheffield S10 4GL          [email protected]

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Fulwood Old Chapel                  


- a unitarian meeting place -

Fulwood Old Chapel                  

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Unitarians believe in the freedom of religious thought and our chapel is a haven for those whose spirit is searching for a home.


Unitarians impose no dogma or creed but rather encourages tolerance towards the beliefs and opinions of others.


Guided by our own conscience, life experiences, observations and reflections, we are encouraged to find our own path to truth


We come from many directions, following many paths, enabling us to listen, share and explore our differing thoughts and beliefs.


We strive to live together in understanding and harmony whilst finding our individual and unique way through life.


Our Covenant


"We gather in our Chapel to explore our individual spirituality and to share together our spiritual journey.


We invite you to be part of this community, where people are free to question and develop their own ideas and to reflect on the events and questions in their lives."



free to think - free to be!

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