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Fulwood Old Chapel - a unitarian meeting place

8a Whiteley Lane, Fulwood, Sheffield S10 4GL          [email protected]

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Fulwood Old Chapel                  


- a unitarian meeting place -

Fulwood Old Chapel                  

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Funerals, Memorial Services

Life Celebrations & Farewells




Unitarians recognize the deep sense of loss expressed in end of life services. They seek to reflect a sense of the life and beliefs of the deceased person, and to be sensitive to the needs and wishes of the bereaved. Ceremonies are designed to express a celebration and thanksgiving for the deceased person's life, as well as express the sadness of the loss.

Unitarian Funerals and Memorial Services leaflet to download

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Janet Rowson

tel: 0114 236 5894

email: [email protected]


Our function Room may be used as a reception area if required.


We have a new web site - please go to: